Israeli Occupation Forces storm Nabi Saleh; kidnap 6 Palestinian youth

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 19 October 2015

Israeli Occupation Forces stormed Nabi Saleh on 19 October, kidnapping six youth from the village. Amongst those kidnapped by the Waed Tamimi, the teenage son of Bassem and Nariman Tamimi and also Anan Tamimi who is the teenage son of  Naji and Boshra Tamimi. The other four youth arrested are: Mostaf Tamimi; Osaid Tamimi; Loay Tamimi and Omar Tamimi.

 Anan Tamimi


 Waed Tamimi (on right)

Israeli Occupation Forces broken down a number of doors during their raids on the families houses. Photos by Manal Tamimi


– All photos by Naji and Boshra Tamimi

Naji Tamimi as he takes photos of the destruction in his house.

 Anan’s room


Israeli Occupation Forces storm Nabi Saleh, firing live ammunition – 6 October 2015

Photos and text by Haim Schwarczenberg: 6 October 2015

FireShot Screen Capture #101 - 'Firing live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators - Haim Schwarczenberg' - schwarczenberg_com_firing-live-ammunition-on-palestinian-
Firing live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators: Residents of Nabi Saleh took to the street Sunday night to protest recent escalation of Israeli violence against Palestinians. In the past three days, four Palestinian teens have been shot dead by the Israeli army and police forces, as hundreds more injured in clashes. This comes at the heels of months of progressive escalation of the violence Israel has deployed against Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Immediately after the Nabi Saleh marchers approached the nearby IDF outpost at the entrance to the village, soldiers began to shoot live ammunition at protesters. The soldiers had no other less lethal crowd control means such as tear gas or rubber bullets. This escalating violence and the mere numbers of casualties may be an indication of a dramatic shift in official policies that sanction the use of live ammunition against Palestinians. As a punitive measure, the IDF put Nabi Saleh on lockdown from around 10p last night until morning, also telling outside photojournalists they may not leave.

Illegal Israeli Colonists take over main road near Nabi Saleh – 2 October 2015

Photos by Tamimi Press/Report by International Solidarity Movement: 2 October 2015

2 October 2015 – video by David Reeb

Report by International Solidarity Movement: On Friday, October 2nd, the village of Nabi Saleh held their weekly Friday demonstration protesting the illegal expropriation of their village land by the illegal Israeli settlement of Halamish.
The last demonstration marched towards the village’s spring al-Qaws, which was expropriated by the settlement 2009. Israeli forces supported and protected this illegal theft of the village’s water source. Since then Palestinian villagers are not allowed to use or access their spring anymore.

Even though the Israeli supreme court in 2013 ruled to halt any further work on the well by Israeli settlers, Palestinians are still forcibly prevented from using it.
Last Friday, settlers marched to the well accompanied by Israeli forces, showing off their power. The Palestinian owners of the well were forced to watch this march from the other side of the hill, illustrating the sheer injustice that is Palestinian’s every day life.



ISM Report: Double standards, one rule for all – except Palestinians

27th September 2015 | International Solidarity Movement, Al-Khalil team | Nabi Saleh, occupied Palestine

On the 28th of August, Mahmoud Tamimi was arrested in Nabi Saleh during the weekly non violent demonstration. Every Friday, just after the prayer, the residents demonstrate against the expansion of the illegal settlement of Halamish which has continuously confiscated Palestinian land as well as the only water source of the village: ‘Ain al-Qaws.

During the Friday march towards the expropriated lands the residents were stopped by Israeli forces using excessive brutality, shooting tear gas, rubber coated steel bullets, live ammunition and sound grenades against civilians. Additionally, demonstrators are often arrested and beaten up.

On the 28th of August, in the course of the demonstration I, as a foreigner, was arrested by Israeli forces together with the 19-year old Palestinian Mahmoud Tamimi.

Both of us have been brutally beaten by the soldiers with punches, kicks and the butts of their guns. Both of us were arrested and secluded for 6 hours, kept blindfolded and handcuffed in a small room in a military base.

Afterwards, we were taken to the police station based in the illegal settlement of Ben Yamin and, at that point, our paths were divided: he was brought to the military prison of Ofer and I was brought to “Ramle” near Tel Aviv.

Within a few days, my predicament was positively solved: I was acquitted from the charges of throwing stones and other objects, and returned to be a free citizen. Regarding Mahmoud, although the charges were exactly the same, because he’s Palestinian, the situation is completely different: in fact Mahmoud is still under arrest in Ofer military prison and is waiting to attend his first hearing, to be held on the 28th of October, that is 60 days after his arrest. In my case, the first hearing took place the day after my arrest.

Israeli soldier arresting Mahmoud

Mahmoud is now under threat of a penalty of a minimum of 7 months which, under the practice of military law and consequently administrative detention used on the Palestinians of the West Bank, this sentence can be arbitrarily renewed for additional 6 month periods of imprisonment.

The absolute asymmetry of treatment endured by me and Mahmoud is a blatant demonstration of the discriminatory laws applied by Israel for over 40 years towards the Palestinians. According to the International law, the application of military laws in occupied territories is completely illegitimate.

Israeli soldiers arresting Mahmoud in Nabi Saleh

Mahmoud will be accused by military personnel covering the role of persecutors and will be judged by some other military personnel covering also the role of judges. He doesn’t have the right to be tried in front of a civilian court, although Mahmoud is a civilian – and not a soldier. All of this because he’s a Palestinian.

Even if the evidence does not indicate his guilt, just the fact that he’s in a military court with both the prosecutor and the judge from the military, will most likely result in a guilty verdict. The procedures in military court are not about establishing the truth, the possibility of establishing a defense is extremely slim, justice simply isn’t done in a military court. It’s about punishment, punishment to weaken the Palestinian resistance to an illegal occupation, even if this resistance is non-violent.

Mahmoud in court

Within this system, it must be said, settlers from illegal settlements in the West Bank are judged in front of civilian courts, not military courts – just because they have a different status: they are not Palestinians.

In my case, hard evidence would be required to bring charges against me, for Mahmoud in contrast, as a Palestinian, no evidence is required at all. All the trial is only based on the statement of 18-year old soldiers.

Of course, when an international is unjustly beaten and arrested the media reacts with utter disapproval attracting the medias’ attention and causing the civil society’s indignation. When it’s a Palestinian receiving the exact same treatment, however, the reaction is quite different. Mahmoud‘s case seems to be totally forgotten. Currently he is still rotting in a prison cell in Ofer military prison, while being entirely ignored by the media and the international community.

Mahmoud Tamimi is only 19 years old, he has 2 brothers and a sister. His uncle is Rushdie Tamimi, one of Nabi Saleh’s martyrs killed by the Israeli forces 3 years ago on the 19th of November. He died following an intense shooting during which he was inured in the thigh and the stomach. Rushdie is already the second martyr in a village which counts only 500 inhabitants. Considering the dimension of the village, they are indeed suffering from significant losses. However, we must keep in mind that in the Occupied Palestinian Territories the violence and the killings are daily and are perceived by the so called civilized world as casualties of a 60 year old conflict.

Mahmoud at al-Aqsa mosque

Let’s take a stand and spread Mahmoud’s story, let’s not forget him. We should show the world that the treatment a Palestinian youth receives – and thus the live of a Palestinian – is not less worth reporting about in the media and has to receive as much attention and result in an outcry as that of an Italian citizen. Let this not be about the rare case of an international being maltreated by Israeli forces, but about the every-day harassment, violence, illegal detentions and arrests of Palestinians.