Nabi Saleh remembers Mustafa Tamimi and continues its protests against Israel’s occupation (20 Dec 2013)

Report and photos by Tamimi Press: 20 December 2013

The Israeli occupation forces attacked today the weekly anti settlement and occupation march in Nabi Saleh. The march launched from Martyrs Square in the center of the village went towards the house of the martyrs of popular resistance in the village, Rushdie and Mustafa Tamimi, to deliver at their parents commemorative plates in honor of their sacrifices. Then, the march went to the village’s lands threatened by the occupation forces that attacked the march with massive launch of tear gas canister and rubber bullets, causing dozens cases of asphyxia.

mustafa's parentsMustafa Tamimi’s parents


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Israeli forces make multiple arrests in the West Bank

by Maan News: 17 December 2012

Israeli soldiers pictured arresting a man in Nablus.(MaanImages/file)
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces detained 10 people across the West Bank overnight Sunday, locals and Israel’s army said.

Four men were detained in the Ramallah village of Beit Rima, locals said, with clashes breaking out following the arrest of Ibrahim, Firas and Muhammad Rimawi.

Another man was injured while being detained and taken to hospital for treatment, witnesses said.

Israeli forces also raided several areas in Nablus, arresting five people, locals said.

The headmaster of a secondary school in Balata camp, Farid al-Museimi, 47, was arrested by soldiers in his home. Soldiers also detained a Palestinian security officer Baha Jamil Mahamid, 22.

Saddam Raghib Salah, 20, Diyaa Abdul-Fattah Salah, 21, and Mahdi al-Shafi were also arrested in nearby areas of Nablus.

Abdul-Hakim Muhammad Awada Tamimi, 27, was arrested in the village of Nabi Saleh.

An Israeli army spokeswoman said eight people were arrested overnight, including five in the Nablus area, one in Ramallah, one south of Bethlehem and one in Tubas.

Violent clashes at dawn between Nabi Saleh villagers and troops

By The Palestine Information Centre, 7 June 2012

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Violent clashes broke out at dawn Thursday between Palestinian young men and Israeli troops in Nabi Saleh village near Ramallah city during raids on homes.

The confrontations took place when the invading troops stormed a number of homes in the village including the house of a noted popular resistance figure called Bashir Al-Tamimi.

The Israeli troops violently broke into the house of Al-Tamimi, physically assaulted his son Tareq and took him to an unknown destination.

The Israeli occupation forces have been tightening its stranglehold on the village since last Friday and closing its main entrance in the morning and evening as a king of collective punishment against its natives to force them to stop their weekly marches and events against the occupation and settlement activities.

In a separate incident, an Israeli special unit kidnapped on Wednesday evening a young man named Mohamed Nayef in an ambush at the entrance of Araba town south of Jenin city.

The unit troops removed the barriers they set up for the ambush and took the young man to an unknown destination, according to eyewitnesses.

The IOF escalated its kidnapping of Palestinians throughout the West Bank areas and the number of military checkpoints and barriers increased lately.

Nabi Saleh endures despite military presence

26 July 2011 | International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

At 10 a.m. we arrived at  Nabi Saleh to interview the neighbors about what had happened the night before. We found out on the internet that something was going on, thanks to Tamimi Press, a Facebook page created by a young designer who lives in the village. Walking down the main road our eyes and nose got irritated. We could still breathe the  tear gas shot by Israel’s occupation forces throughout the night.

According to the people we interview this is constant; what happened last night is nothing exceptional. The neighbors told us as follows:

Around 6 p.m. a group of settlers tried to enter the village of  Nabi Saleh. Seemingly, the reason was a fire started on the lands at the border of the the illegal settlement of  Halamish. To be precise the fire was sparked on the side of the new extension where settlers are just now occupying with prefabricated units.

For a couple of hours the youngsters from the village tried to avoid  entering through the main street, until the army came. This resulted in  various neighborhood vehicles being damaged by the stones thrown by the settlers. At that point, soldiers were blocking the roads.

At 8.30 p.m. more than 50 soldiers entered the village and started shooting tear gas and sound bombs. Then an officer started to shoot real bullets shouting at his subordinates to do the same.

At that moment the village was completely full of gas and 3 people had been hurt by the impact and the burns from the bullets. Among them were two women from the same family, whose house had been shot at directly.

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Solidarity protest outside Ofer Prison in support of arrested Nabi Saleh non-violent leaders

Photographs by Wafa Images: Nabi Saleh residents and supporters outside Ofer demonstrating in support of Naji and Bassem Tamimi.

Video:  Residents from An Nabi Saleh and their supporters outside Ofer Prison demonstrating in support of Naji Tamimi and Bassem Tamimi who have been arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces for their non-violent activism.