Four arrested at Nabi Saleh’s weekly protest

by International Solidarity Movement: 3 August 2013

Update 3th August: The fourth Israeli activist was released this morning at 5am.

On Friday August 2, Israeli Border Police aggressively attacked protesters marching in Nabi Saleh’s weekly demonstration, shooting rubber-coated steel bullets and sound bombs at very short distances while arresting protesters and  covering them in skunk water. The attack was initiated without any  previous action from the demonstrators and resulted in the arrest of four Israeli activist.

Protesters marching down the road towards the spring (Photo By Tamimi Press)

Protesters marching down the road towards the spring (Photo By Tamimi Press)

After midday prayer,  around forty people, Palestinians together with Israeli and international activists, gathered in the village’s square,  marched through Nabi Saleh’s streets and down the hill towards the stolen water spring. Israeli occupation forces were heavily present from the beginning and quickly charged at the demonstrators.

Invading the village, Israeli Border Police surrounded the protesters and without warning began firing rubber-coated steel bullets, sound bombs and skunk water at them. Though illegal by Israeli law,  the rubber and plastic coated steel bullets were shot from distances down to 10meters, barely missing the heads of fleeing international activists.

Despite the peaceful vibe of the protest, Israeli Border Police officers arrested four Israeli demonstrators and took them to the settlement nearby. One activist was humiliatingly handcuffed and blindfolded as he was taken away,  in spite of him offering no resistance to the arrest. Three of the four activists were later released.

The village of Nabi Saleh has demonstrated against the theft of their natural spring by the nearby Halamish settlement and the occupation in general since December 2009. Israeli forces violently suppress the weekly Friday protests by shooting tear gas canisters, skunk water, sound bombs, rubber-coated steel bullets and even live ammunition at protesters. Two people have been killed, Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, and many others severely injured.

Nabi Saleh remembers al-Nakba and protests Israel’s ongoing occupation and apartheid

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 17 May 2013

Nabi Saleh residents and activists have report that the IOF have attacked the regular Friday demonstration in Nabi Saleh against Israeli occupation and apartheid. The IOF fired teargas and skunk at residential houses. Teargas resulted in brush fires. At least 8 international and Israeli activists were detained. It has been reported, however, that they have now been released.


Video by Israel Puterman

Photos by Haim Schwarczenberg: 17 May 2013

demo start = HS

return flag - HS

manal - HS

manal and boshra - HS

skunk at homes = HSskunk - Haim S


Video & Photo Essay: Nabi Saleh resistance to occupation and apartheid continues – 29 March 2013

Photos by Haim Schwarzcenberg and Tamimi Press/Video by David Reeb

start of demo - Haim Schw

Nabi Saleh residents begin Friday demonstrations – photo by Haim Schwarczenberg

demo start - tpress

house soldiers - Haim SchwIsraeli Occupation Forces invade Nabi Saleh – photo by Haim Schwarczenberg

iof firing on protestors on mountain - haim schw

Israeli Occupation Forces open fire on unarmed demonstrators in Nabi Saleh – photo by Haim Schwarczenberg

teargas - haim schw

Israeli Occupation Forces fire teargas at protestors – photo by Haim Schwarczenberg

pal woman with flowers - tpress

Palestinian woman carrying flowers in front of Israeli Occupation Forces soliders – photo by Tamimi Press

skunk protestors - tprss

Skunk being sprayed at protesters – photo by Tamimi Press

iof harassing press - tamimi press

Israeli Occupation Forces harass journalists and press in Nabi Saleh – photo by Tamimi Press

settlers at spring - tami press

Illegal Israeli settlers occupy spring located on stolen Palestinian land owned by Nabi Saleh residents – photo by Tamimi Press

IOF injure and arrest 14 year old boy in Nabi Saleh; Spray pepper spray at video journalists.

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 22 February 2013

Today’s demonstration (22 Feb 2013)  in NabiSaleh called for solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers and Palestinian political prisoners.  The demonstration saw protesters started to march towards the spring. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) invaded the village, accompanied by skunk truck and also began firing rubber coated steel bullets and teargas. IOF have also sprayed local cameraman and videographer Bilal Tamimi with pepper spray as he was filming the demonstration.   At least one protester received medical treatment after being hit by a rubber coated steel bullet fired by the IOF.

A 14 year old boy was also injured by at least 3 rubber coated steel bullets and kidnapped by the IOF and taken to the check point tower has been evacuated to hospital in Ramallah.


soccer soldiers

Nabi Saleh children play soccer while IOF invade village and fire teargas and rubber coated steel bullets.                                                   Photo by Tweet Palestine

rubber bullet injuryAt least one injury from rubber coated steel bullet fired by IOF. Photo by: Baraa Hijazi

pal ambulance wasimIOF and Palestinian ambulance at the tower checkpoint, preparing evacuation of 14 year old boy                                                                           hit by 3 steel  coated rubber bullets and arrested by IOF.  Photo by Tweet Palestine.

Nabi Saleh calls for the release of Samer Issawi and all Palestinian political prisoners; 12 injured by IOF fire.

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity

Today’s demonstration (Friday, 8 Feb 2013)  in Nabi Saleh called for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners and in support of Samer Issawi and all Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike. Activists on the ground report that Israeli Occupation Forces fired non-stop teargas, rubber bullets and skunk.

Activists in Nabi Saleh also reported that dozens of IOF entered the village for at least 30-40 minutes. While in village, the IOF fired lots of teargas, stun grenades, rubber bullets and skunk. In particular, there were reports of journalists deliberately being targeted by IOF with teargas and stun grenades. Skunk also fired directly at houses.  At least 10 people were injured by rubber coated steel bullets and at least 2 people by teargas canisters, including one hand injury as a result.  Many people were also overcome by the teargas.

Photo: photo by Tweet Palestine.

Photo by Tweet Palestine

Photo: medic attending shabab overcome by teargas - photo by Tweet Palestine.

Photo by Tweet Palestine

Photo: IOF jeeps, soldiers and skunk truck invade Nabi Saleh - Photo by Abir Kopty

Photo by Abir Kopty

IOF arrest 2 Palestinian men, 1 Palestinian child and 2 Israeli activists; spray “skunk” at houses (4 Jan 2012)

4 January 2013

video by Sam4Palestine

video by Sam4Palestine

Israeli Occupation Forces arrest Othman Bazzar from Ramallah. He was beaten and fainted. A Palestinian ambulance workers were able to eventually treat him. According to a report from an Israeli activist who was arrested at the same time, he was unconscious and the ambulance workers were not able to rouse him. He was then apparently taken to hospital (not sure where). Also arrested were two other Israeli activists and a 15 year old child from Beit Rima (next to Nabi Saleh) and another man from Beit Rima.

Hilmy, one of the photographers for Tamimi Press was also shot at close range with two rubber coated steel bullets. Will update once again, when we have more information on Othman and the other arrests.  The IOF also sprayed “skunk” deliberately at Palestinian homes in order to try and intimidate village residents.