Israeli Occupation Forces storm Nabi Saleh, firing live ammunition – 6 October 2015

Photos and text by Haim Schwarczenberg: 6 October 2015

FireShot Screen Capture #101 - 'Firing live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators - Haim Schwarczenberg' - schwarczenberg_com_firing-live-ammunition-on-palestinian-
Firing live ammunition on Palestinian demonstrators: Residents of Nabi Saleh took to the street Sunday night to protest recent escalation of Israeli violence against Palestinians. In the past three days, four Palestinian teens have been shot dead by the Israeli army and police forces, as hundreds more injured in clashes. This comes at the heels of months of progressive escalation of the violence Israel has deployed against Palestinians in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Immediately after the Nabi Saleh marchers approached the nearby IDF outpost at the entrance to the village, soldiers began to shoot live ammunition at protesters. The soldiers had no other less lethal crowd control means such as tear gas or rubber bullets. This escalating violence and the mere numbers of casualties may be an indication of a dramatic shift in official policies that sanction the use of live ammunition against Palestinians. As a punitive measure, the IDF put Nabi Saleh on lockdown from around 10p last night until morning, also telling outside photojournalists they may not leave.