Nabi Saleh marches in solidarity with Palestinian hunger strikers and Palestinian political prisoners

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 15 February 2013

Today’s unarmed demonstration (15 Feb) in Nabi Saleh marched in support of Palestinian hunger strikers, including Samer Issawi, Jafar Ezzedine, Tareq Qa’adan and Yousef Shaaban Yassi. The demonstration was violently attacked by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). During today’s demonstration, the IOF opened fire with rubber bullets, tear gas, sound grenades and skunk.

An 18 year old women, Rawal Tamimi, was injured when an IOF sound grenade hit her in the head and exploded. She was evacuated to hospital in Ramallah and remains in hospital over night. IOF also injured at least 3 others with rubber bullets and many others suffered from tear gas inhalation. IOF once again sprayed skunk inside the village and at houses – in once instance the IOF used a stun grenade to break the windows of the house of belonging to Bassem and Nariman Tamimi and skunk was sprayed inside the house.

 After weekly demonstration concluded, the IOF Leaving the village temporarily.  However, the IOF later returned to the village, firing teargas directly at houses. Skunk is also being sprayed. The IOF also closed the gate at the checkpoint at the front of the village and are searching cars.

demo- tamimi pressPhoto: Tamimi Press

IOF teargasing themselves - tamimi pressTeargas thrown back at IOF.  Photo: Tamimi Press

women soldiers - tamimi pressNabi Saleh women challenging IOF.  Photo: Tamimi Press

women teargas tamimi pressPhoto: Tamimi Press

rawal tamimi pressRawal Tamimi 18yrs injured by sound grenade thrown by IOF at her head.  Photo: Tamimi Press

rawal injury- keren manorRawal Tamimi being evacuated    Photo: Keren Manor/Activestills

nariman skunk 15 feb 2013Nariman Tamimi cleaning skunk from inside her house.   Photo: Mareike Lauken/

naji and boshra skunk

Boshra and Naji Tamimi scrubbing skunk spayed at their house and in their yard by IOF.  

Photo: Mareike Lauken/

Video: Soldiers attack children in Nabi Saleh and arrest Nariman Tamimi

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 26 August 2012

During the weekly demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh, yesterday, Friday, dedicated to support the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, some of the villagers of Nabi Saleh, along with other activists managed to get to the entrance of village’s spring “Alqaws” which was taken over by the settlers three years ago. Soldiers forcibly prevented them to approach the spring at the same time settlers were swimming in.

video by Bilal Tamimi

Soldiers detained three Palestinian women, one Israeli activist and one American journalist. Among the detainees was Nariman Tamimi (36), a resident of the village and a Popular Resistance activist. Her Daughter, A’hd Tamimi (11) and two nephews, Marah (11) and Wiaam (11), were attacked brutally by soldiers preventing them from reaching the spring, and separating them from Nariman during her detention. [CORRECTION to PSCC report – Marah is the neice of Nariman].

After the arrests, the army raided the village, sprayed “skunk” water and threw stun grenades and tear gas at houses, and used live ammunition through the clashes with the residents. During the raids on the houses, several residents were injured, including: Azmi Tamimi (70), injured in his finger from a rubber bullet shot from point blank range, Martyr Mustafa Tamimi’s grandmother (90), injured in her leg from two rubber bullets, as she sat at her house door, Halla Tamimi (48), injured from a stun grenade thrown into her house and Ahmed Shaker (11), injured in his chin from rubber-coated steel bullet, in addition to several injuries from rubber-coated steel bullets.

During the raid, the army arrested another Israeli activist from one of the houses. The six detainees were held for more than eight hours, in violation of the law, which only permits holding detainees for a maximum of three hours (or six hours in extreme cases), before they are arrested. At 9pm, soldiers put detainees on an army vehicle and drove them for an hour though different settlements roads then drove back to Nabi Saleh entrance where they were dropped off and released.

Breaking News: Israeli Occupation Forces crack down on Nabi Saleh protest in major arrest raid

by  Activestills : +972 Magazine –  24 August 2012

Israeli forces are presently conducting a major arrest operation in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, reportedly going from house to house and detaining men, women and youth from the village.

Some 100 people demonstrated on Friday at the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh. As demonstrators approached the village’s spring, which has been seized by the neighboring settlement of Halamish, the Israeli forces arrested at least five women, including Nariman Tamimi, a prominent activist from the village. Her arrest is pictured below. Her daughters are seen trying to intervene as Israeli soldiers detained their mother, but they were forcibly held back.

As of 3:30 p.m. Friday, arrests at Nabi Saleh were continuing. We will update more as details emerge.

“I am Nabi Salih” — photo exhibition shows there is more to village than weekly protests

By Silvia Boarini : Palestine Monitor:  September 13, 2011

The brainchild of Alison Ramer, the photo project “I am Nabi Salih” aims to show the human faces behind the iconic village, famous for it’s popular resistance movement.

Looking at the images covering the walls at the Academy of Arts in Ramallah, one might not realize that these photos were all taken by young adults, between the ages of 14 and 17.

The young artists, all from the now-iconic village of Nabi Salih, were handed digital cameras and under the guidance of internationally renowned Palestinian photographer and video maker Issa Freij, sought to document a different aspect of their daily surroundings.

“There are many aspects of Nabi Salih that I can show,” says Rawan Jalal Tamimi.

“I am Nabi Salih” manages to portray a side of the village that remains unknown even to the tireless Friday activist. More importantly, Ramer stresses, “it was a chance to do something other than just bringing more journalists or more NGOs to the village.”

Ramer’s relationship with Nabi Salih goes back a long way. She first arrived in Israel from the USA in 2006 as part of the Zionist Youth movement, but quickly decided she needed to explore both sides of the divide. She wanted to try and understand Palestine.

Her first port of call was Nabi Salih.

“The village has played a big part in educating me about the occupation,” she says.

Community leader Bassam Tamimi, currently imprisoned for participating in the Friday demonstrations, once told Ramer, “you came to remove the occupation from your mind.” And Ramer agrees. She says that is exactly what coming to Nabi Salih has done.

“The power is understanding how to take a photo that will attract people’s attention,” Issa Freij says.

Maan News: Nabi Saleh rally holds mock funeral for Oslo Accords

by Maan News:  Friday 09/09/2011 

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RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — The village of Nabi Saleh near Ramallah held a mock funeral for the Oslo Accords as part of its weekly demonstration on Friday, a Ma’an correspondent said.

Demonstrations began after Friday prayers as protesters chanted slogans against the Israeli occupation and a likely US veto of the UN bid.

Participants waved flags with the logo of “The state of Palestine 194” as they marched through the village carrying a black coffin with the words “Oslo Accords” written on it.

The protesters were met by Israeli forces who fired tear gas and sound grenades at the rally.

The activities were organized as part of the upcoming anniversary of the signing of the Oslo Accords on Sept. 13 1993, a statement from the popular resistance movement said.

Israel has killed the accords, it added, saying that they were now just “ink on paper.”

The movement called on the international community to support the Palestinian people and back the UN bid for statehood.

Under the 1995 Oslo 2 agreement, following on from the Oslo Accords signed in 1993, Israeli and Palestinian negotiators outlined a plan for Palestinian autonomy allowing the Palestinian Authority administrative and security control of around 17.2 percent of the West Bank, Area A.

The rest of the West Bank and Gaza Strip remained under Israeli military occupation.

The interim deal was intended to lead to a final status agreement by 1999, but a permanent solution was never reached and frequent incursions by the Israeli army into Area A have undermined the agreement.

Nabi Saleh stands in solidarity with the Gaza flotilla

S.S. Resistance – Photo: – Helmi Al-Tamimi

Original Report in Arabic: – Mohamed Atallah Al-Tamimi, Tamimi Press.  

This is a google translation of the report:

Was launched this afternoon from the village of Nabi Saleh ship fleet of popular resistance that is designed to express support for the people of the village …to ship flotilla, which was intercepted and attacked by some European countries to prevent them from reaching the besieged Gaza Strip has created a vessel of this fleet of young resistance in support of the idea of a fleet of freedom, The participants in the march angry anger to the occupation isolated prisoner Ahlam Tamimi, from the village of Nabi Saleh and sentenced to imprisonment 16 for life with her husband prisoner Nizar Tamimi, who have fought a hunger strike in protest against the repressive measures by the occupation authorities of their right to demand that the prison administration to allow dreams to communicate Bdhuaha in Jordan and her husband visit Nizar sentenced to life imprisonment.

Going back to the fleet of popular resistance that has been attacked by soldiers of the occupation force and violence, intense, leading to the injury of dozens of cases of choking as he completed the fleet walking toward the soldiers to break the security cordon imposed on the village, knowing that the occupation forces sealed off the village of Nabi Saleh and surrounding areas since the early morning hours and set up barriers in its vicinity and arrested four Palestinian women Bisan Abu Bakr daughter of an MP for the Fatah movement in the Legislative Council D – Najat Abu Bakr, who tried to enter the village and took them to an unknown destination and detained dozens of Palestinians and international activists on the septal Atara, Nabi Saleh and prevented a number of press crews and medical Login the village declared that the region is a closed military knowing that dozens of settlers were deployed in the area of Ain water nearby.

In a statement released by her office the media, condemned the Popular Resistance Movement in the village of Nabi Saleh (uprising), the European countries to prevent the fleet of freedom of travel to the Gaza Strip in addition to the France, Germany and Ukraine to prevent planes carrying solidarity foreigners from traveling toward the occupied Palestine Solidarity with the Palestinian people, saying that This ban comes as part of submission to the Israeli position, and called for the movement of the world and European countries to abide by international laws and humanitarian support for the Palestinian people rather than bowing to the Golan, which violates the daily human rights in front of world leaders and peoples, and directed movement tribute to the prisoner remain steadfast in the prisons of the occupation on their heads prisoner Ahlam Tamimi and her husband prisoner Nizar Tamimi and stood with them in the face of the tyranny of the occupier, and the movement said that the dreams and with them the prisoners won the oppressive occupier by its will-ferrous and faith in the absolute justice of its cause, and invited the group to participate tomorrow in the events that will start from the field of the lighthouse and were going to Bil’in Kalandia and confirm that the popular resistance against the occupier steadfast and proud in front of his attacks

A child’s view of Israel’s occupation in Nabi Saleh

by Palesitne Youth Voice, 25 June 2011

Video by Palestine Youth Voice

Six year old girl, Jana, from Nabi Saleh explains what happens in her home town every Friday. This interview took place on the Friday of “Freedom in Colors” (24th June 2011)  that was organized to draw a smile on the children’s face. It included kites making workshop and face paintings. As the children moved to fly their kites on the hill. The army attacked them with gas and stun grenades.

Note: “Jesh” is the Arabic word for “army”.   “Massaria” is the Arabic word for “march/rally”.

Colorful day in Nabi Saleh

Friday 24/06/2011; Maan News 

[MaanImages/HO/Diana Al-Zeer] 
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The children of An-Nabi Saleh set off with kites and painted faces to the village’s hill shortly after noon on Friday.An hour later, they were sheltering in a village house, while five Israeli military jeeps surrounded the location and fired tear gas towards them, according to eyewitness accounts.Activists made sure the children were distracted by switching on cartoons, and while they recovered from tear gas inhalation, they reflected on an afternoon in which Israel’s military faced down clowns and a boy painted as Spiderman, arresting one Israeli activist.

Freedom in Colors

Activists had planned a day of colorful dress, balloons, face masks, face paints and kite-flying. A Facebook group urged volunteers to “Bring Your colourful smile and join us in our struggle for freedom!!”

“Let’s make our freedom colourful,” the page said.

After a morning painting faces and making kites, between 20 and 30 children and 40 volunteers headed to a village mountain to fly paper kites.

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