Rebuttal: A Representation of Israeli Soldiers

Audrey Faber responds to the brutal beating of Palestinian journalist, Moheeb Barghouti and the claim of Israeli Occupation Force soldiers that they are being “misrepresented”.

by Audrey Farber: 1 August 2011

If this is what happens to photographers who “misrepresent Israeli soldiers,” here is my rebuttal:

In the last eight or nine months, Nabi Saleh has become more and more the epicenter of military violence against non-violent protesters in the West Bank. In a situation where protesting is not just against the wall but against the very nature of the occupation, the soldiers have become more and more brazen in their aggression against the villagers and the protesters.

From the start, non-violent protesters are surrounded by heavily armed soldiers.

Tear gas is launched from army trucks blocking the road out of the village before anything other than marching and chanting has taken place.

The soldiers begin their game of cat-and-mouse.

Children are targeted, only temporarily at an advantage for better knowing shortcuts through the homes and streets of Nabi Saleh, a village on a hill.

The onslaught begins, and continues.

Soldiers try to force their way into a home…

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Israeli military attack and beat Palestinian journalist in Nabi Saleh

by MAAN NEWS: 30 July 2011

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Palestinian photojournalist Moheeb Al-Barghouthi was beaten by Israeli soldiers Friday covering a demonstration in the Nabi Saleh village near Ramallah.

Al-Barghouthi, who works for the official Palestinian Authority newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, suffered head injuries and sustained bruises across his body in the attack.

He said soldiers destroyed his camera and confiscated some of his equipment.

The journalist said the soldiers accused him of “misrepresenting” the image of Israeli forces. They left him bleeding and handcuffed on the ground in intense heat for several hours, he added.

Al-Barghouthi was treated at hospital in Ramallah for light injuries.

Israel’s military responded in a statement that “the Palestinian in question was detained for violating a closed military area order. The man was questioned and released an hour later.”

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate condemned the attack and expressed “grave concern” for the welfare of Palestinian media workers.