Photos: Ah’d Tamimi awarded Hanzala Prize for Courage.

 28 December 2008

Thirteen year old Ah’d Tamimi from Nabi Saleh recently was awarded the Hanzala Award for Courage in Turkey.  Ah’d is the daughter of Bassem and Nariman Tamimi and travelled to Turkey with her mother to accept the award and to participate in activities raising awareness about Palestinian children living under Israeli apartheid and occupation.

ahd and trophy


ahd in turkey

ahed with children, turkey

Photo’s of Ah’d in Nabi Saleh

ahd and nariman = iof

Ah’d attempting to stop the arrest of her mother Nariman by IOF.

ahd soldier

Ah’d confronting an Israel soldier after her 15 year old brother Wa’ad was arrested for participating in a unarmed demonstration.  The week before Ah’d father, Bassem was badly beaten and arrested for participating in a non-violent BDS action inside an illegal Israeli colony.  He was sentenced to four months imprisonment.

13 year old Ah’d Tamimi awarded Hanzala prize for Courage in Turkey

28 December 2012: Times Magazine, Turkey


Palestinian girl gets courage award

Ahed Tamimi who challenged the Israeli soldiers that had arrested her brother was awarded with ‘Handala Courage Award’.
27 Aralık 2012 Perşembe – 11:18

Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi who challenged the Israeli soldiers that had arrested her brother was awarded with “Handala Courage Award” in Istanbul on Wednesday.

Visiting Turkey as being the guest of Basaksehir Municipality of Istanbul, 13-year-old Tamimi attended a series of events ahead of the award ceremony and opened an art exhibition titled “Being children in Palestine”.

She thanked Turkish children for welcoming her as she was one of them, and called on the Palestinian children to stand tall, at the ceremony.

Tamimi said she was proud to get the Handala award which would enhance her strength. She said she showed her fist to the soldier and thought she could make Palestine free.

Answering questions of AA correspondent, Tamimi said she would like to be a lawyer in order to contribute to the Palestinian issue.

Handala Courage Award, handed out by the Basaksehir Municipality, was named after the cartoon character Handala created by Palestinian cartoonist Naji Salim al-Ali noted for the political criticism of the Arab regimes and Israel in his works.

Handala, a 10-year-old boy, became an icon of Palestinian identity and defiance. (aa)