Nabi Saleh residents succeed in opening entrance to village closed for 10 years due to Israeli Occupation Forces

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 19 October 2013

Activists report that today’s demonstration took place in the rain. Despite the wet weather, residents of Nabi Saleh including men, women and children, along with Israeli and International supporters attempted to march to the spring which has been illegally annexed by Israeli settlers. During the demonstration, demonstrators also managed to open the large yellow iron gate that the Israeli military has installed in 2000 at one of the entrances of the village. For the first time in 13 years cars were able to pass via this entrance in and out of the village. As usual the IOF actively sought to repress the demonstration and at least one person has been detain/arrested – Helmy, a Palestinian photographer/cameraman from the village.


Report from WAFA News: 19 October 2013

nabi saleh gate action

Google translation of report (Arabic to English)

Ramallah 10/18/2013 (WAFA) – The people of Nabi Saleh village , west of Ramallah supported by solidarity foreigners on Friday to reach the southern gate of the village closed about 10 years ago , they opened it and instruct citizens vehicles to enter and exit them for some time.

[Israeli] occupying forces prohibit citizens to use this street  for more than 10 years for military purposes.

The weekly march of the village had been launched towards the southern gate of the village, the activists managed to open, only the occupation forces attacked the participants fired rubber-coated metal bullets , sound bombs and gas , wounding dozens of suffocation .

Local sources said that Israeli soldiers attacked the village photographer and held him for some time during his coverage of the march , as the occupation forces closed the entrances to the village and imposed a cordon stressing declared it with a closed military zone .

The marchers chanted slogans condemning the occupation and settlements and checkpoints, asserting their right to use all their lands and their ways and their property seized by the occupation in front of the glare of the world.

And called Popular Resistance Movement in the village, all the national actors to intensify pressure and increase activities to compel the occupation to open all closed roads , also called events area of Bani Zeid to assign events held in Nabi Saleh to put pressure on the Israeli army to open the gate closed many years ago and which adversely affect the freedom of movement in the region.