BREAKING NEWS: Two Palestinian women arrested in Nabi Saleh to spend 3rd night in Israeli prison

By Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 30 June 2013

Two Palestinian women, Nariman Tamimi & Rana Nazzal who were arrested during a non-violent protest against Israel’s occupation in Nabi Saleh on Friday have appeared by the Israeli Occupation military court at Ofer today.  The military court ruled to release the two women activists, however, the Israeli military occupation police have appealed the decision.  As a result, Nariman and Rania will be held in Israeli prison for a third night.  The Spanish international activist, who was arrested at the same time as Nariman and Rana was released the same day as the arrest but has been banned from entering Nabi Saleh for 15 days.

nariman arrested - orenPhoto by Oren Ziv/Activestills


ISM report: Three arrests at Nabi Saleh demonstration against occupation

by International Solidarity Movement, Ramallah Team | 28 June 2013

Update 29th June 2:15pm: Both Palestinian activists have a court date set in Ofer military court tomorrow.

Update 29th June 1:00pm: The Two Palestinian activists are now currently being held at HaSharon Prison.

Update 29th June 09:00am: The two Palestinian activists are currently being held at Jalameh prison. They may or may not have court on Sunday but will not be released before then.

Update 29th June 2am: The international activist arrested at the protest was released last night.

Update 29th June 00.45am: The two Palestinian activists are currently being interrogated at Giva Binyamin police station.


During the June 28th demonstration in Nabi Salih, after Friday prayer had finished, the Palestinians once again began their resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation. As usual, their demonstration was met with high levels of violence; disproportionate teargas was fired and foul smelling skunk water was shot onto homes. Two Palestinians and one international were arrested. They are currently being held in Binyamin police station.

At around 1:30 pm demonstrators began marching towards the stolen water spring of Nabi Salih, currently occupied by Israeli settlers from the nearby illegal settlement of Halamish. As soon as the demonstrators began to descend the mountain, two military jeeps began using their tempest tear gas attachments, firing excessive tear gas canisters directly at unarmed marchers. The military jeeps then began to aim directly at those who chose to stay on the road, shooting canisters at head height and disregarding the flammable nature of the local petrol station. The skunk truck and two jeeps then invaded the centre of the village, including the olive groves [as seen in video] which then allowed the skunk truck to maneuver freely, shooting at all homes and demonstrators in its wake.

Palestinian activist Neriman Tamimi today being arrested (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills)

Palestinian activist Nariman Tamimi today being arrested (Photo by: Oren Ziv/Activestills)

After this, those demonstrators that had reached the bottom of the mountain close to the spring were faced with a large group of soldiers. Demonstrators confronted the soldiers; however as the video shows, the soldiers disregarded the rights the Palestinians have to their land and proceeded to aim their weaponry at demonstrators. Two Palestinian women, including prominent Nabi Saleh activist Nariman Tamimi, and one international man, believed to be from Spain, were arrested for no reason other than resisting the occupation. It is currently understood that these three have been transferred to Giva Binyamin police station, where they are still currently being held.

The village of Nabi Salih has been demonstrating against the theft of the natural spring and the occupation since December 2009. Israeli forces violently suppress the weekly Friday protests by shooting tear gas canisters, skunk water, sound bombs, rubber coated steel bullets and even live ammunition at protesters. Two people have been killed, Mustafa and Rushdi Tamimi, and many others severely injured. Resident Bassem Tamimi, has spent 17 months in Israeli jails, merely for being a prominent activist at the protests. After more than three years and despite the repression, Nabi Saleh continues to fight against the injustices of a brutal military Israeli occupation.

Two Palestinian women and 1 International arrested in Nabi Saleh, including Nariman Tamimi

By Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 28 June 21013

Friday’s demonstration in Nabi Saleh marched in  solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners who are on hunger strike. Activists report the IOF are using “popcorn” teargas today – Shooting many canisters at once from a machine attached to IOF vehicles.
According to activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh more than 300+ teargas canisters were fired by the Israeli Occupation Forces within the first 5 minutes of its attack on today’s regular Friday demonstration by the village against Israel’s military occupation.

Israeli Occupation Forces arrested Nariman Tamimi and Rana Nazzal, along with Spanish International activist. All three were transferred to the illegal colony of Halamish by the IOF.   After several hours the  international activist was released but banned from entering Nabi Saleh for 15 days. According to the Spanish activist, when he was arrested and being transported the IOF put Spanish songs on and ordered him to dance. Nariman and Rania were not released and continued to be held overnight in Halamish.

nariman arrested - orenPhoto by Oren Ziv/Activestills


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Maan News: Israeli occupation forces disperse Nabi Saleh protest

by Maan News: 22 June 2013

A protester pictured in Nabi Saleh.(MaanImages/Sheren Nassir)


NABI SALEH, West Bank (Ma’an) — Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets during weekly protests in the Ramallah village of Nabi Saleh on Friday.

Israeli soldiers surrounded protesters at the top of a mount where demonstrators gather weekly against the appropriation of village land for nearby Israeli settlements.

A student from Birzeit University was injured after being shot in the arm with a rubber-coated steel bullet and a field of olive trees was set on fire by tear gas canisters.

Around 60 protestors participated in the demonstration, including Israeli nationals and international students from Birzeit.

Boshra Tamimi, a Nabi Saleh resident whose home is close to the mount edge, sheltered the majority of internationals fleeing Israeli forces.

“We are very worried about our children, because they come in the middle of the night, and they have pictures of all the children. When they want to arrest anyone, they have a picture,” Tamimi told Ma’an.

Although Tamimi is scared for her son, she does not urge him to stay out of the demonstrations.

“It’s his life, he is free, he can decide what he needs to do,” Tamimi said.

Richarach Rachman, a member of Yesh Gvul, an Israeli conscientious objector group, told Ma’an that he often comes to Nabi Saleh to demonstrate against the illegal neighboring settlements.

He refused to serve in Israel’s army in the early 1990’s and regularly attends demonstrations to protest Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Since 2009, residents of Nabi Saleh and international activists have been protesting every Friday against Israel’s land grab.

Unarmed demonstrators climb down the mount towards one of the illegally occupied springs and challenge Israeli soldiers at the bottom who guard the area.

Rushdi Tamimi, a Nabi Saleh resident, was shot and killed during a demonstration last November.

A year earlier, Mustafa Tamimi, 28, was killed after being hit in the face by a tear gas canister fired by Israeli forces.

According to a Nabi Saleh resident, 64 people have been arrested and jailed in the last two years.

Since 1977, half of the Nabi Saleh’s farmland has been lost to encroaching Israeli settlements.