IOF injure at least 5 people in Nabi Saleh; set fire to land with teargas canisters

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity:  10 May 2013

At least 5 people were injured by Israeli Occupation Forces in Nabi Saleh at Friday demonstration, including Nariman Tamimi and Bilal Tamimi. Nariman was hit in the back with two stun grenades and Bilal was assault by an Israeli soldier. Activists in Nabi Saleh reported that the IOF fired extensive teargas, including at children, as well as stun grenades and rubber bullets. A number of fires had to be put out as grass caught fire as a result of the teargas canisters fired by the IOF.

Video by Bilal Tamimi

Video by David Reeb

Video by Israel Puterman

Israeli Occupation Force soldier attacking Nabi Saleh videographer, Bilal Tamimi, as he videoed Friday’s demonstration. Before the attack by the soldier Bilal had been hit in the arm by a teargas canister fired at him by the IOF. Photo by Tamimi Press

Tear gas fired by Israeli Occupation Forces, Friday demonstration in Nabi Saleh (10 May 2013). Photo by GK.

Fire trucks puting out grass fires in Nabi Saleh caused by the IOF firing tear gas canisters at unarmed demonstrators. Photo by Miriam Barghouti