Israeli Occupation Forces arrest brother of Mustafa Tamimi and injure two in Nabi Saleh.

by Nabi Saleh Solidary: 2 March 2013

Friday’s demonstration in Nabi Saleh joined the call for the boycott of the Jerusalem marathon.  Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh reported that the Israeli Occupation Forces  have been firing teargas and steel coated rubber bullets at both protesters and houses. One protester was hit in the chest with a steel coated rubber bullet. He was bruised but not seriously injured.

Israeli Occupation Forces continued to shot tear gas at houses, resulting in the windows of several houses being broke. One of the man in one of the houses suffocated and fainted from tear gas inhalation. The 26 year old man was  evacuated by ambulance.

Israeli Occupation Forces also arrested  Zyad, one of the brothers of Mustafa Tamimi and held him several hours before eventually releasing him.

Video by Israel Puterman.