Breaking news: Israeli Occupation Forces raid Nabi Saleh: 4 arrested and 1 resident shot

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Tamimi Press and Intifada Media: 11 September 2012

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee are reporting via twitter: “Shin Bet & Soldiers arrested 4 people in #NabiSaleh tonight during a raid at around 3am. Live ammo was shot in the clashes that followed”  and “Two of those arrested in #NabiSaleh tonight were taken from inside an ambulance evacuating one of them to the hospital after being shot”

Tamimi Press have reported via Facebook: [translation via google translate]:  Tamimi Press | – Urgent – injured citizen Omar al-Tamimi, 25, more than 8 bullets metal in the side, abdomen and hands during launch indiscriminate bullets carried out by the occupation forces against the village of Nabi Saleh shortly before when storming of the village and arrested a number of citizens.  The  Popular Resistance have said Occupation Forces carry full responsibility for Tamimi life especially as it is still being held and the ambulance which are moving at a checkpoint at the entrance of the village

Intifada Media have reported: The IOF [Israeli Occupaption Forces]  invaded the village of Nabi Saleh Monday night, broke into the home of the martyr Mustafa Tamimi and arrested his brotherZiad ‘Abd al-Rizaq (25) as well as Muhammad ‘Atiyah Tamimi (28). Soldiers broke into several homes and terrorized residents. Clashes with the village’s youth ensued, and the invading army used live ammunition. One resident, ‘Ummar Tamimi, was then seriously injured by a bullet but the army detained the ambulance carrying him to Ramallah hospital, and arrested the injured and another man accompanying him.

video by Tamimi Press