Nabi Saleh continues struggle against occupation

Video reports for 14th and 21st September, 2012

video by David Reeb – 14 September 2012

video by Israel Puterman – 21 September 2012


Photo Essay: Life in Nabi Saleh during Ramadan

Photos by Lazar Simeonov : Palestine Monitor

This is the first part of a series of three stories in photos about life in Nabi Saleh during Ramadan. To view photographs, please visit the Palestine Monitor website. Click here to see part 1.  Click here to see the second part and  here to see the third part.

The atmosphere was friendly and festive in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, which holds weekly Friday protests against the Israeli occupation. Warm July evenings ushered in the end of the village’s summer camp for youth, just before the month of Ramadan began. Wearing shirts emblazoned with the face of Mustafa Tamimi, a local who was shot in the face by a tear gas canister from a short range distance and killed last December, the children participated in games, singing and dancing competitions.

Unfortunately, the underlying presence of the Israeli army and the, illegal according to the international law, Halamish settlement built on Nabi Saleh land foreshadowed that the village was not going to have a peaceful Ramadan, as demonstrated by the frequent early dawn raids throughout the week by the Israeli occupation army and the arrests it carried out. For the villagers, they have come to recognize that no matter what time of the year it is, the agitated and hostile atmosphere has become a staple of their daily lives.

Breaking news: Israeli Occupation Forces raid Nabi Saleh: 4 arrested and 1 resident shot

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee, Tamimi Press and Intifada Media: 11 September 2012

Popular Struggle Coordination Committee are reporting via twitter: “Shin Bet & Soldiers arrested 4 people in #NabiSaleh tonight during a raid at around 3am. Live ammo was shot in the clashes that followed”  and “Two of those arrested in #NabiSaleh tonight were taken from inside an ambulance evacuating one of them to the hospital after being shot”

Tamimi Press have reported via Facebook: [translation via google translate]:  Tamimi Press | – Urgent – injured citizen Omar al-Tamimi, 25, more than 8 bullets metal in the side, abdomen and hands during launch indiscriminate bullets carried out by the occupation forces against the village of Nabi Saleh shortly before when storming of the village and arrested a number of citizens.  The  Popular Resistance have said Occupation Forces carry full responsibility for Tamimi life especially as it is still being held and the ambulance which are moving at a checkpoint at the entrance of the village

Intifada Media have reported: The IOF [Israeli Occupaption Forces]  invaded the village of Nabi Saleh Monday night, broke into the home of the martyr Mustafa Tamimi and arrested his brotherZiad ‘Abd al-Rizaq (25) as well as Muhammad ‘Atiyah Tamimi (28). Soldiers broke into several homes and terrorized residents. Clashes with the village’s youth ensued, and the invading army used live ammunition. One resident, ‘Ummar Tamimi, was then seriously injured by a bullet but the army detained the ambulance carrying him to Ramallah hospital, and arrested the injured and another man accompanying him.

video by Tamimi Press

Settlers try to enter Nabi Saleh – Israeli Occupation Forces open fire on Palestinian youth

by Intifada Media and Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 10 September 2012

PSCC reported via twitter: Settlers tried to enter NabiSaleh. When prevented from doing so by the village’s youth, they shot live ammo and retreated when army arrived. Two military checkpoints at the entrance to NabiSaleh following the settler attack.


Nabi Saleh protestor injured with live ammunition

By Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 31 September 2012

Malek Tamimi, 22, was hit in the hand and waist. A second protester was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet; delayed ambulance entry to the village by an hour.

Malek Tamimi, evacuated after being shot with live Ammunition. Picture credit: Anne Paq/

Malek Tamimi, evacuated after being shot with live Ammunition. Picture credit: Anne Paq/

Three Palestinians protesters were injured and 5 others arrested during the weekly demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh. In order to prevent people from joining the demonstration, the Israeli army had set up checkpoint in all entrances to the village earlier in the morning.

During the demonstration, the soldiers have arrested 5 people, including local cameraman, Bilal Tamimi, Bil’in activist, Mohammed Khatib, two female protesters and a journalism student, as they walked to the village’s spring, which settlers from the adjacent Jewish-only settlement of Halamish have been trying to take over for the past 3 years.

Soldiers arresting a protester: Soldiers arresting a protester. Picture credit: Anne Paq/

Soldiers arresting a protester. Picture credit: Anne Paq/

In the afternoon, soldiers retreated from inside the village, adding the firing of live bullets to the assemblage of tear-gas, the foul-smelling liquid known as “the Skunk” and rubber-coated bullets used throughout the day. One protester, 22 year-old Malek Tamimi, was hit with a bullet that pierced through his arm and eventually lodged itself in his waist. Tamimi was evacuated to the Ramallah hospital where he underwent surgery. A second protester was shot in the head with a rubber-coated bullet and evacuated to the Ramallah hospital, where he received stitches. Yet another protester, a young woman, was hit in the leg with a tear-gas projectile shot directly at a crowd of people, resulting in a gushing wound. The woman’s wound could only be treated long after her injury, as soldiers prevented the ambulance from entering the village for about an hour.

At 4.30 p.m., Malek Tamini was shot with a live bullet which went through his hand and the side of his body. He has undergone surgery for his injuries. One Palestinian suffered an open wound after being shot with a tear gas canister during protests. Soldiers were firing tears gas canisters directly in to the crowd with the intent of causing serious injury and then prevented the ambulance from entering the village for one hour . One local resident received stitches in Ramallah hospital after suffering a head wound from a rubber-coated steel bullet.

Israeli army fires live bullets at West Bank protest

by Maan News, 31 September 2012

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces fired live ammunition at a demonstration in a West Bank village on Friday, activists and the Israeli army said.
Medics said Malek Tamimi was shot in the hand with a live bullet and taken to the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.
An Israeli military spokeswoman told Ma’an that soldiers fired live ammunition in the air as warning shots after protesters surrounded soldiers and attacked them.
She said soldiers felt “an imminent threat to their lives.” They used riot dispersal means and fired warning shots in the air “to distance the attackers,” the army official added.
Activists said Omar Tamimi was injured by a rubber bullet to his head and a woman was hit in the leg by a tear gas grenade during the protest.
Protesters said Israeli soldiers closed the three entrances to Nabi Saleh early Friday morning and later prevented ambulance from entering the village.
Forces also detained Muhammad Khatib, Miriam al-Barghouthi and photographer Bilal Tamimi, as well as a female foreign national, according to activists.
The Israeli military spokeswoman was not immediately familiar with any arrests or injuries at the protest.
Every week, activists protest in Nabi Saleh against a nearby settlement’s encroachment toward lands and a spring owned by the village.
On Friday, protesters held photos of Rachel Corrie, an American activist who was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer in southern Gaza in 2003. Corrie, who died aged 23, was trying to prevent the demolition of a home in Rafah.
An Israeli court on Tuesday cleared Israel’s army of any responsibility for Corrie’s death, following a lawsuit brought by her family.