Israeli Occupation Army Raids Nabi Saleh in the Aftermath of Friday Demo

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 27 July 2012

Israeli soldiers attack weekly protest at Nabi Saleh wounding at least two people, including a 9-year old child. Hours after the demonstration ended, the army raided the village and arrested four unassociated people.

The weekly demonstration in Nabi Saleh started shortly after midday prayers, making its way from the center of the village towards the confiscated lands. Without any provocation on behalf of the demonstrators, the army declared the area a closed military zone and deemed the demonstration illegal.  Following this declaration, Israeli soldiers and border policemen began firing several rounds of rubber-coated steel bullets and a number of tear gas canisters. Some tear gas canisters were shot directly at groups of protesters, against the army’s own open-fire regulations which stipulate tear-gas canisters be shot only in arc trajectory. Nine year-old Mohammad Tamimi was hit in his arm with a tear gas canister and was evacuated to the hospital for treatment. Another 17 year-old boy was also injured from a canister shot directly at him and was treated in the field.

In an attempt to avoid further clashes, at around 2:30 PM the demonstrators decided to disperse: villagers went home, most Israeli and international supporters left the village and the army, in response, also withdrew. However, around 5:30, two hours before the Iftar dinner, the army returned to the village with considerable force. Soldiers surrounded the village from all directions and some barged into houses and assaulted their residents, mainly women. In an attempt to conduct arrests, the army chased the villages’ youth for miles, reaching the neighboring villages of Beit Rima and Kufr Ei’n. Five unassociated residents Kufr Ei’n were arrested during this unwarrented incursion.