Bravery and non-violent actions of young girls from Nabi Saleh recognised

Photos By Tamimi Press: 27 August 2012

The actions of A’hd Tamimi and Marah Tamimi, the two young girls who attempted to prevent the arrest of non-violent resistance leader Nariman Tamimi by Israeli Occupation Forces on Friday, was recognised on Monday.  A’hd is the daughter of  Nariman and Palestinian non-violent resistance leader Bassem Tamimi who was jailed for over year for leading the non-violent resistance in Nabi Saleh.  Marah is the daugher of  Naji Tamimi, another Nabi Saleh non-violent resistance leader who was also jailed for over a year for his non-violent opposition to Israel’s military occupation.

A’hd Tamimi (left) and Marah Tamimi (right) with Laila Ghannam

Marah Tamimi (left) and A’hd Tamimi (right) with Mahmoud Abbas


Update on arrest of women activists in Nabi Saleh

On Friday, 24 August, Israeli Occupation Forces  violently arrested 3 Palestinian women activists Nariman Tamimi, Abir Kopty and a young woman named Bisan, as well as 3 Israeli women activists, in Nabi Saleh.  The women were held for 6 hours by the Israeli military.  During their detention, the women were restrained with soldiers refusing to loosen Nariman Tamimi’s plastic tie cuff’s which were causing swelling to her hands due to tightness.  All the women suffered bruising from their arrests.

video by David Reeb

Video: Soldiers attack children in Nabi Saleh and arrest Nariman Tamimi

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 26 August 2012

During the weekly demonstration in the village of Nabi Saleh, yesterday, Friday, dedicated to support the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails, some of the villagers of Nabi Saleh, along with other activists managed to get to the entrance of village’s spring “Alqaws” which was taken over by the settlers three years ago. Soldiers forcibly prevented them to approach the spring at the same time settlers were swimming in.

video by Bilal Tamimi

Soldiers detained three Palestinian women, one Israeli activist and one American journalist. Among the detainees was Nariman Tamimi (36), a resident of the village and a Popular Resistance activist. Her Daughter, A’hd Tamimi (11) and two nephews, Marah (11) and Wiaam (11), were attacked brutally by soldiers preventing them from reaching the spring, and separating them from Nariman during her detention. [CORRECTION to PSCC report – Marah is the neice of Nariman].

After the arrests, the army raided the village, sprayed “skunk” water and threw stun grenades and tear gas at houses, and used live ammunition through the clashes with the residents. During the raids on the houses, several residents were injured, including: Azmi Tamimi (70), injured in his finger from a rubber bullet shot from point blank range, Martyr Mustafa Tamimi’s grandmother (90), injured in her leg from two rubber bullets, as she sat at her house door, Halla Tamimi (48), injured from a stun grenade thrown into her house and Ahmed Shaker (11), injured in his chin from rubber-coated steel bullet, in addition to several injuries from rubber-coated steel bullets.

During the raid, the army arrested another Israeli activist from one of the houses. The six detainees were held for more than eight hours, in violation of the law, which only permits holding detainees for a maximum of three hours (or six hours in extreme cases), before they are arrested. At 9pm, soldiers put detainees on an army vehicle and drove them for an hour though different settlements roads then drove back to Nabi Saleh entrance where they were dropped off and released.

Breaking News: Israeli Occupation Forces crack down on Nabi Saleh protest in major arrest raid

by  Activestills : +972 Magazine –  24 August 2012

Israeli forces are presently conducting a major arrest operation in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, reportedly going from house to house and detaining men, women and youth from the village.

Some 100 people demonstrated on Friday at the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh. As demonstrators approached the village’s spring, which has been seized by the neighboring settlement of Halamish, the Israeli forces arrested at least five women, including Nariman Tamimi, a prominent activist from the village. Her arrest is pictured below. Her daughters are seen trying to intervene as Israeli soldiers detained their mother, but they were forcibly held back.

As of 3:30 p.m. Friday, arrests at Nabi Saleh were continuing. We will update more as details emerge.

On the last Friday of Ramadan, protests in Nabi Saleh, Bil’in, Ni’lin, al Ma’asara & in villages across the West Bank call to dismantle Israel’s Occupation

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 17 August 2012

Weekly demonstrations brought together dozens of Palestinian, Israeli and international activists to protest the Wall, settlement expansion and the ongoing occupation.

video by Israel Puterman

Some 100 demonstrators joined the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh this week. Following the Friday midday prayer, protesters marched from the center of the village towards their lands and confiscated fresh water spring. An army battalion that was awaiting them on the other side of the highway soon started shooting tear-gas canisters towards the unarmed demonstrators. Without any provocation, several military jeeps stormed into the village, conducting what seemed as mere display of force. After driving through the village without purpose for a while, the army finally retreated allowing the village to prepare for the fast-breaking meal. No injuries or arrests were reported.

In Bil’in, residents and activists made their way to Abu Lamon reserve, an area returned to the village after its long popular and legal battle.  The army shot tear-gas canisters, shock grenades and the “skunk” – a water cannon spraying foul-smelling water to disperse the demonstration. A similar demonstration took place in the neighboring village of Ni’ilin. Both protests ended without severe injuries or arrests.

Several dozen also participated in a demonstration in al-Ma’asara. The local march was blocked by the army at the entrance to the village.  After some speeches and deliberations with the soldiers, the protesters retreated, promising to return next week.

7 arrested at weekly demonstration (03.08.12) against Israel’s occupation in Nabi Saleh

3 August 2012

Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh report that Israeli Occupation Forces fired live ammunition, rubber bullets and sound grenades against unarmed protestors in Nabi Saleh who peacefully protested the confiscation of their land and Israel’s occupation.   Activists report that the Occupation Forces had begun firing teargas in the village as early as 5.30am in the morning. At least 7 people were detained and arrested by the Israeli Occupation Forces, including 1 Palestinian man who was arrested at the checkpoint on his way home from work before the weekly demonstration started and 6 Israeli activists who participated in the unarmed demonstration. A number of the Israeli activists received exclusion notices preventing them returning to Nabi Saleh and surrounding areas for two weeks.  No more information at the moment is available on the arrest of the Palestinian worker.

Video by David Reeb

Israeli Settlers Uproot and Burn Olive Trees in Nabi Saleh

by Kelly Joiner – IMEMC and Agencies: 1 August, 2012

Israeli settlers uprooted and burned olive trees on Palestinian land in the village of Nabi Saleh on Wednesday.

According to the Palestine News Network, a spokesman for the Palestinian Popular Resistance Movement in Nabi Saleh said that the Israeli military escorted a group of settlers to the area and watched passively as the settlers destroyed Palestinian property.
The land’s owners were not present at the time the destruction began but villagers rushed to the area as soon as smoke was spotted. The settlers ran away before the farmers could reach them.
Settler activities are illegal under international law and violate the Fourth Geneva Convention. Additionally, arson and destruction of private property are violations of Israeli law.

The Israeli military took no action against the settlers despite being present throughout the incident.