Naji Tamimi arrives home after a year in Israeli prisons for organising non-violent resistance to occupation.

Photographs by ActiveStills

Naji Tamimi, a leading member of the Nabi Saleh Popular Committee Against the Wall who had been held as a political prisoner for more than year Israeli military occupation prisons was released on March 1. Naji and another Nabi Saleh Popular Committee member, Bassem Tamimi were jailed in March 2010 for organising non-violent demonstrations against Israel’s occupation and apartheid practices.  Both Naji and Bassem’s arrests were based on coerced confessions of two teenagers taken at gunpoint from their beds in the middle of the night by Israeli soldiers. The main “evidence” against both Naji and Bassem has been the testimony of a 14 year-old who was beaten up on his arrest, denied legal counsel, denied his right to have his parents present during his questioning and instead of being told by his interrogators of his right to remain silent. Bassem remains in prison.

Active Stills was in Nabi Saleh when Naji arrived home and has published the following photos of Naji’s arrival home.


Naji Tamimi welcomed home by family and friends

Celebrations as Naji arrives home

Naji visiting the grave of Mustafa Tamimi