Activestills: two years of Nabi Saleh’s popular struggle against the Occupation in photos and live recordings

By Active Stills: February 2012

Photos by Activestills collective and live sound recording:

Two years of popular struggle against the Israeli occupation and settlements, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.

The illegal settlement of Halamish which can be seen from many houses in the village, is built on more than half of the village’s land. In December 2009, after settlers confiscated a spring located on private Palestinian land, residents of the village together with their neighbor villages started weekly demonstrations. Palestinians who demanded the right to be on their land were attacked by settlers, some of them armed, while Israeli soldiers stood by and/or protected the settlers. At the time of writing, the Israeli army prohibits the access of Palestinians in groups and on Fridays to the spring, while settlers have unlimited access.

Since then, and despite harsh daily repression, the residents of Nabi Saleh continue to go every Friday, together with other Palestinians, and international and Israeli activists, to demonstrate and resist the Israeli occupation