Mustafa Tamimi, Martyr in Nabi Saleh

 by Anne Paq: Activestills: 10 December 2011


(c) Anne Paq/, Nabi Saleh, 09.12.2012

I have no words now. Just heard about the tragic news about the death of Mustafa Tamimi; 28 year-old resident of Nabi Salih, killed in cold blood by an Israeli soldier who opened the door of the jeep, aimed and shot him in his face, just a few meters away from him. see the pic there just second before Mustafa was hit.

The repression carried out by the Israeli army against unarmed protesters was extremely violent yesterday. Unarmed protesters were attacked by tear gas canisters often shot directly at the level at the heads and by rubber-coated steel bullet. A 15 year old boy was shot like this in the foot and now his foot is broken, another one in the arm for the same result. Even after Mustafa was hit, and we all knew how critical it was after seeing all the blood on the street; the Israeli soldiers kept locking the village and some of them had the nerves to smile and joke, even in front of the family members of Mustafa. This is how cruel this occupation is.

This was such an intense day, I want to write more about it but right now I don’t have the strength.

The truth is that every week when I go to this protest I think that this is a miracle that no-one was seriously injured or killed. Yesterday there was no miracle and Mustafa. He died as the UN was passing by to “observe” and they did not even stop when we told them that somebody was seriously injured and that they should do something. I will always remembered Ola, Mustafa’s sister, who ran to the Israeli soldiers begging them to let her pass so that she can be with her brother (the Israelis stopped the car in which Mustafa was a few meters away after the military gate at the entrance of the village). They did not let her. Her screams are still in my ears.

(c) Anne Paq/, Nabi Saleh, 09.12.2012

To set the record straight- Mustafa was killed INSIDE his village, he was protesting against the occupation and colonization of HIS lands. He did not carry a weapon, just stones. Stones against a fully equipped army, a military armored jeep. He had the right to defend his village, even according to international law, and he did it with courage.

Somebody was killed in cold blood and the guilty person will never be judged in a court. The Israeli army will conduct a useless investigation to whitewash his soldiers. It will conclude that the soldiers were onl responding to “violent riot”. But this is the other way around. Violence is the essence of the occupation. Resistance, despite all the martyrs and suffering will continue. Mustafa will not be forgotten. The brave people of Nabi Saleh will bury their first martyr today or tomorrow but not their spirit of resistance.

I feel honored to know them and document their just struggle. But right now, what I feel is rage, outrage but also the strong conviction that one day, one way or another; justice will prevail.

Mustafa, your struggle is not a vain one and people will carry it further and further…until victory.