Update on Mustafa Tamimi’s condition and other injuries today in Nabi Saleh

Mustafa Tamimi was hit today in the face by a teargas canister. He has been evacuated to an Israeli hospital.  Twitter reports from activists at the hospital indicate that his is currently under anesthesia, still on the respiratory machine. Doctors still running tests, CAT scan.  Latest report via twitter is that: CAT scan revealed no cognitive damage, and there’s a chance his eye might be saved.

Also injured today at the demonstration was the oldest daughter of imprisoned Nabi Saleh non-violent popular struggle leader, Naji Tamimi, as well as the eldest son of imprisoned Nabi Saleh non-violent popular struggle leader, Bassem Tamimi. Both were hit by rubber bullets and have a broken arm and a broken leg respectively.

Nabi Saleh protester seriously hurt by gas canister

Maan News: 9 December 2011

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — A tear-gas canister fired by Israeli forces struck and seriously injured a Palestinian demonstrator in the occupied West Bank, protesters said Friday.

Onlookers said Mustafa Tamimi, 28, suffered a critical head wound after being struck in the face by the canister in Nabi Saleh.

The village hosts weekly protests against land confiscation for an illegal settlement, and Israel has cracked down on its residents, carrying out night raids and arresting accused stone-throwers.

“Tamimi is in very critical condition. Half his face is gone,” said Linah Alsaafin, a Ramallah-based blogger. She was reporting from the scene in Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah.

He “was throwing rocks at the (Israeli army) jeep, the door opened and the canister was fired with precision and intent straight in his face,” Alsaafin recounted on Twitter.

“To use their term, ‘surgical precision’,” she added.

Activists distributed photographs purporting to show Tamimi, his face covered in blood, being lifted off the ground after his injury. He was later taken to hospital.

Mustafa Tamimi, 28, is lifted up shortly after the injury in Nabi Saleh.

The activists said the Israeli army had initially prevented an ambulance from arriving at the village. A military spokeswoman said the man was evacuated to an Israeli hospital.

The official told Ma’an said the injury occurred during “a violent and illegal riot” in which protesters threw stones. Forces responded with “riot-dispersal means,” she said.

“The incident is currently being investigated,” she added.

A teenage boy suffered a leg fracture after being struck by a rubber-coated bullet, onlookers added. A young woman’s arm was also broken during the demonstration, they said.