Updated report on night raids on Nabi Saleh by the Israeli Occupation Forces – 3 arrested including 1 child.

 Report: – Mohamed Atallah Al-Tamimi: Tamimi Press – 24 November 2011
Translate :- Nadia Andreea Bolbol

The Israeli soldiers arrested three young men as they carried out a search (terrorizing) operation last night in the village of Nabi Saleh. Intruding into more than 25 houses the soldiers took pictures of the rooms, searched through private proprieties and assaulted a number of women and elders.
 Photo: Israeli Occupation Forces in the home of Nariman and Bassem Tamimi.

Tamimi Press | – A big number of Israeli occupation forces storme…d the village of Nabi Saleh situated Northwest of Ramallah at midnight. The IOF raided a big number of houses in the village scattering private propriety and filming the interior of th houses. After which the soldiers arrested three young men: Rami Hussein al-Tamimi, 33, Uday Abdel-Hafiz al-Tamimi 20 years and Mutasim Khalil Al Tamimi, 16 years old. The detainees were taken to an unknown destination. The operation did not just resume to that, the soldier went on and assaulted elders, women and children filling the village with a state of fear and horror.

Witnesses said that more than 100 soldiers and dozens of Israel vehicles participated in this vast operation which started at midnight and ended at three o’clock in the morning. It is important mentioning that the occupation forces had sealed off, putting pressure on the village of Nabi Saleh for the last two days during which the main gates were closed off, obstructing peoples daily activities and interfering in the conference organized for the victims of torture.

In response to the assault, the Palestinian Popular (uprising) in the village of Nabi Saleh, said that this barbaric and cowardly act carried out by the occupation forces is an indication of confusion and anxiety experienced by the leadership of the Israeli army as a result of continuous popular activities in the village. Despite the increase of violence by the Israeli occupation and their endless attempts to use all means to suppress the village and stop the weekly marches against the settlement, these acts of terror will not deter the people of the village, nor shake the local and international solidarity but on the contrary, it will push them to survive and continue their struggle against the occupation, aiming towards freedom and independence.

Video by Bilal Tamimi