Occupation Forces invade Nabi Saleh at midnight and raid 25 houses and arrest 3 villagers

by Tamimi Press: 24 November 2011  (Translated by Bing)

Occupation arrested 3 youths and running more than 25 houses and depicts its Chambers and tampering with the contents and the number of women and the elderly in the village of Nabi Saleh tonight report: Mohammed Attallah Al-Tamimi Tamimi: |-moved large numbers of Israeli occupying forces midnight Nabi Saleh village northwest of Ramallah and raided several village houses and tampered with its contents and filmed what was inside before arrested three youths were Rami Hussein Al-Tamimi, a 33-year-old Uday Abdul Hafeez Al-Tamimi, 20-year-old mutasem Khalil al-Tamimi 16 Years and took them to an unknown destination and beat a number of old people, women and children in the village waaatht havoc reducing it to the horror arena.

Witnesses said more than 100 soldiers and dozens of Israeli tanks participated in the operation which began at midnight and ended at 3 a.m., and it is worth noting that IOF had sealed stressing Nabi Saleh village in the past two days and closed the gate crashing a Conference for victims of torture held in the village yesterday.

In response, the Palestinian popular resistance movement said (uprising) in Nabi Saleh village that this barbarous and barbaric and cowardly act carried out by occupation forces is a new directory on the flop and anxiety experienced by the Israeli army command as a result of continuing popular actors in the village and marches against settlement despite continuing weekly Israeli escalation and the occupation using every means to suppress the village without his ability to do so, adding that all of these barbaric acts will not deter the villagers and with solidarity and freedom fighters but also prompt them to continue to And continue their struggle against Israeli occupation to freedom and independence.