Israeli Occupation Forces place Nabi Saleh under siege and curfew for a second day in a row

Report and Photograph – Muhammad Atallah Al-Tamimi: 23 November 2011

translation by Nadia Andreea Bolbol

Today the Israeli occupation forces continued the closer of the main entrance to the village of Nabi Saleh in the face of the villagers and citizens willing to pass to and out of the villege. The IOF continued to impose a tight siege and a security cordon on the village for the second day in a row. The reasons for such arbitrary and brutal attitude are unknown. The closure prevented citizens from the village and other areas from the right of mobility. Citizen were forced to bypass untrodden roads and undertake exhausting walks on foot to reach the village or move out of it.
Further the occupation forces prevented dozens of trucks and cars to travel between the Northern to Central West Bank as the village of Nabi Saleh is situated at an important crossroad between the Northern areas and the city of Ramallah. Witnesses said that the occupation also prevented a car belonging to the Red Cross from crosing the barrier and sent it back from where it came from after being held for more than a quarter of an hour at the entrance of the village.

The Palestinian movement of Popular Resistance (uprising) in the village of Nabi Saleh, said that these arbitrary measures demonstrate the failure of the occupation and put emphathis on the effectiveness of the battle being fought by more than a year and a half by the people of the village of Nabi Saleh. The villages who continue to struggle peacefully and organize events despite the repression and terror, arrests and threats. The movement stressed that this collective punishment carried out by the occupation forces against the village will not discourage our children from continuing their struggle but on the contrary, it determines them to continue the path of resistance until victory.