Sunday Hearing in Bassem Tamimi’s trial cancelled by Military Prosecution

By Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 08 September 2011

The Israeli Military Prosecution has canceled the hearing in the case of West Bank protest organizer, Bassem Tamimi, that was scheduled for Sunday.

The Military Prosecution announced today that the hearing in Bassem Tamimi’s trial scheduled for coming Sunday will be canceled due to the prosecutor’s inability to attend. Tamimi is imprisoned since late March this year, but no witnesses has yet been heard by the court.

Tamimi’s wife, Nariman said, “My husband is rotting in their jail for nearly half a year because he dared organizing peaceful protest against the theft of our lands, but not one shred of evidence has yet been heard by the judge. But their vindictiveness won’t stop us – we will continue demanding our freedom and our rights”.

Tamimi’s next hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21st.