The Israeli occupation forces attacks on Nabi Saleh continue forthe third consecutive day

Monday 8 August 2011: Tamimi Press – Report by Muhammad Atallah al-Tamimi. 

The Israeli occupation forces attacks on the village of Nabi Saleh continue for the third consecutive day. Today the Israeli army stormed the village and provocatively spread its soldiers within. The soldiers went on to fire tear gas canisters, sound bombs, rubber bullets and live ammo, which led to the injury of dozens and several cases of suffocation. In addition to that, the Israeli occupation forces fully closed the three major entrances of the village, preventing cars from entering or leaving the village.

The IOF, as usual, indiscriminately targeted houses in order to disturb the daily activities of the villagers during the holy month of Ramadan. Clashes  between the angry youths of the village and the Israeli soldiers, wounding several soldiers after being sieged in one of the alleys in the village. Moments after, another big group of soldiers arrived at that the same ally and started targeting homes and cars, while the pedestrians and villagers were dragged into a scenario of a battlefield. 

The Palestinian People’s Resistance Movement in the village of Nabi Saleh holds the occupation responsible for the continues raids on the village, saying that such attacks reflect the inability and moral bankruptcy of the army. The movement states that the IOF attacks on the village during the month of Ramadan, along with the increase of attacks against citizens, civilians, and the imposed closures and the establishment of barriers, hold evidence of failure, anxiety and fear in the army and its leadership. The movement confirms that the struggle of the people and the village goes on and will never stop despite such practices, which have as purpose of terrorizing the village and creating tension. Tension that the IOF hopes that will weaken the support for the popular resistance, by such actions the army hopes that the project will not bear fruit. On the contrary, our belief in the need for resistance and resilience is much stronger.

We believe that resistance is absolutely necessary and irrevocable until the restoration of our rights. The movement calls upon all the masses to stay steadfast and hold on being strong until the establishment of an Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.