Nabi Saleh stands in solidarity with the Gaza flotilla

S.S. Resistance – Photo: – Helmi Al-Tamimi

Original Report in Arabic: – Mohamed Atallah Al-Tamimi, Tamimi Press.  

This is a google translation of the report:

Was launched this afternoon from the village of Nabi Saleh ship fleet of popular resistance that is designed to express support for the people of the village …to ship flotilla, which was intercepted and attacked by some European countries to prevent them from reaching the besieged Gaza Strip has created a vessel of this fleet of young resistance in support of the idea of a fleet of freedom, The participants in the march angry anger to the occupation isolated prisoner Ahlam Tamimi, from the village of Nabi Saleh and sentenced to imprisonment 16 for life with her husband prisoner Nizar Tamimi, who have fought a hunger strike in protest against the repressive measures by the occupation authorities of their right to demand that the prison administration to allow dreams to communicate Bdhuaha in Jordan and her husband visit Nizar sentenced to life imprisonment.

Going back to the fleet of popular resistance that has been attacked by soldiers of the occupation force and violence, intense, leading to the injury of dozens of cases of choking as he completed the fleet walking toward the soldiers to break the security cordon imposed on the village, knowing that the occupation forces sealed off the village of Nabi Saleh and surrounding areas since the early morning hours and set up barriers in its vicinity and arrested four Palestinian women Bisan Abu Bakr daughter of an MP for the Fatah movement in the Legislative Council D – Najat Abu Bakr, who tried to enter the village and took them to an unknown destination and detained dozens of Palestinians and international activists on the septal Atara, Nabi Saleh and prevented a number of press crews and medical Login the village declared that the region is a closed military knowing that dozens of settlers were deployed in the area of Ain water nearby.

In a statement released by her office the media, condemned the Popular Resistance Movement in the village of Nabi Saleh (uprising), the European countries to prevent the fleet of freedom of travel to the Gaza Strip in addition to the France, Germany and Ukraine to prevent planes carrying solidarity foreigners from traveling toward the occupied Palestine Solidarity with the Palestinian people, saying that This ban comes as part of submission to the Israeli position, and called for the movement of the world and European countries to abide by international laws and humanitarian support for the Palestinian people rather than bowing to the Golan, which violates the daily human rights in front of world leaders and peoples, and directed movement tribute to the prisoner remain steadfast in the prisons of the occupation on their heads prisoner Ahlam Tamimi and her husband prisoner Nizar Tamimi and stood with them in the face of the tyranny of the occupier, and the movement said that the dreams and with them the prisoners won the oppressive occupier by its will-ferrous and faith in the absolute justice of its cause, and invited the group to participate tomorrow in the events that will start from the field of the lighthouse and were going to Bil’in Kalandia and confirm that the popular resistance against the occupier steadfast and proud in front of his attacks