Nabi Saleh Demonstration Attacked with Tear Gas

By Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 10 June 2011

The weekly demonstration was usually large this week as over 50 Israeli supporters joined the villagers in their unarmed protest. Despite the large size, Israel attacked the demonstration with unusual high amounts of tear gas. One man fell unconscious for over 20 minutes in the course of the demonstration and many children suffered from tear gas inhalation.

Roughly 100 demonstrators gathered in the centre of Nabi Saleh just after Friday afternoon prayers for the weekly demonstration against the occupation and settler takeover of the village farmlands. Among the demonstrators was a large group of Israeli supporters and internationals. The demonstrators were able to walk roughly 100 meters before the army attacked them with tear gas from three sides.

For the next three hours, the army was relentless in its use of tear gas. At one point, a demonstrator fell unconscious and was moved to a civilian house. The army attacked the house with tear gas and prohibited emergency personal from entering the village for roughly 20 minutes. Medics were able to revive the young man with oxygen when they were allowed into the village.

In the afternoon, the army invaded the central part of the village and began house to house raids in order to arrest Israelis and internationals. One Israeli and four Israelis were detained in the course of the demonstration. As the sun began to set, Israeli forces pulled out of the village amidst clashes with youth who were throwing stones.

Video by Tamimi Press

Video by David Reeb