Nabi Saleh’s non-violent struggle continues

Solidarity activists report that at today’s non-violent demonstration in Nabi Saleh, the Israeli occupation forces fired high velocity gas projectiles and sound bombs at women and children next to the village’s gas station and throughout the village.  Live ammunition was also fired at non-violent demonstrators, despite the fact that it is forbidden to use live ammunition as means of “crowd control”.  Despite rulings by Israel’s Judge Advocate General,the Israeli Army resumed using rutger 0.22 inch bullets against demonstrators, causing at least two deaths – 14 year-old Az ad-Din al-Jamal from Hebron on February 13th, 2009, and Aqel Srour from Ni’ilin on June 5th, 2009.

Solidarity activists report that Israeli Occupation Forces in An Nabi Saleh had today also been using “skunk” (foul water) against unarmed demonstrators and village residents.

An Nabi Saleh: 15 April 2011 -video by Tamimi Press