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Four injured by live ammunition as Israeli occupation forces attack weekly protest in Nabi Saleh

Nabi Saleh Solidarity – 21 November 2014

Residents of Nabi Saleh and their supporters once again protested Israel’s ongoing occupation.  The unarmed protesters were attacked by Israeli Occupation forces resulting in four injuries from live ammunition, as well as many injuries gas bombs and rubber-coated metal bullets and several cases of tear gas inhalation.

Photos by Bilal Tamimi


flags tp

iof and jeeps tp

iof and kids tp

iof firing tp

iof on road teargas tp

iof on road tp

iof on road with stones tp

boy stones tpiof convoy tp

nariman injured bullet tp

nariman injured tp

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Photos: Nabi Saleh protest reaches village spring located on land stolen by the illegal Israeli colony of Halamish

Photos by Bilal Tamimi – 14 November 2014


road tp

girls on road tp

girls and soldiers gun tp
kids and soldiers tp

boys at spring tp

reaching spring

spring tp

soldiers at spring

kids at spring tp

girls at spring tp

girls and soldiers at spring tp

kids soldiers tp

nariman tp

soldiers attack media tp

jonathan arrested tp

soliders arrest kids tp

soliders tp

teargas from hill tp

girls hiding tp


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Nabi Saleh protest reaches spring as women and girls sing songs of freedom – 14 November 2014

At today’s protest the girls & women of NabiSaleh sing of freedom in the face of Israel occupation forces. Activists on the ground in Nabi Saleh also report Israeli Occupation forces firing both steel coated rubber bullets and live ammunition at unarmed protesters.

Video by Bilal Tamimi

Video by David Reeb

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Nabi Saleh weekly protest attacked again by Israeli Occupation Forces – 25 October 2014

Israeli occupation forces once again attacked the weekly protest in Nabi Saleh against the occupation.  The non-violent protest marched towards the village’s land which has been confiscated by the illegal Israeli colony of Halamish.  Residents and supporters chanted slogans condemning the occupation and settlements.

Immediately after the arrival of the rally off the land confiscated by the occupation, Israeli occupation soldiers fired on the unarmed protesters with rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas, wounding dozens of cases of suffocation.

Photos by Tamimi Press:




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Nabi Saleh weekly protest – 10 October 2014

Video by David Reeb

Video by Israel Puterman

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Nabi Saleh: 26 September 2014

Photos by Tamimi Press.  Video by David Reeb: 26 September 2014

tp tp1 tp3 tp4 tp5

Video by David Reeb

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Nariman Tamimi overcome by teargas, hospitalised as a result

by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee. Photos by Tamimi Press: 19 September 2014

Nabi Saleh’s weekly peaceful demonstration was confronted by brute Israeli force. The Israeli army rained the civilians with hundreds of gas canisters and metal coated rubber bullets, many of them suffocated as a result and Nariman Al Tamimi, a known Nabi Saleh activist had to be taken to the hospital as she is being treated now.

Video by Bilal Tamimi

tp tp1 tp3 tp4 tp5

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