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Nabi Saleh marks 38th anniversary of Land Day

Report and photographs by Haim Schwarcenzberg: 28 March 2014

Aptly called “Friday of the Land,” This week’s demonstration in Nabi Saleh commemorated Land Day, recalling 6 Palestinians killed by Israeli police in army while protesting land expropriation in the Galilee in 1976. Villagers accompanies by Israeli and international activists, including a Brazilian delegation, marched towards the al-Qaws spring, which was expropriated for the use of the nearby settlement of Halamish. Marchers reiterated Palestinians’ right to live on their lands.

The IOF attempted to disperse the marchers using tear gas and stun grenades. No major injuries reported.



iof and manal

iof in line

iof in riot  manal  naji

child and iof

iof and flag

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Brazilian activists join Friday demonstraton in Nabi Saleh to mark Land Day – 28 March 2014

Photos by Tamimi Press: 28 March 2014

Video by David Reeb

tamimi - field

tamimi - iof and protestors

tamimi - manal

tamimi - naji


tamimi - ahd
tamimi - ahd and flag

tamimi - soldier and ahd

tamimi -iof and girls

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Nabi Saleh commemorate the 46th anniversary of Battle of Karameh and march in solidarity with jailed Druze draft refuser, Omar Sa’ad

Photos by Tamimi Press: 21 March 2014

Nabi Saleh commemorate the 46th anniversary of Battle of Karameh and march in solidarity with jailed Druze draft refuser, Omar Sa’ad.

Video by David Reeb



march and settlement

flag and iof



teargas and kids

teargas and settlement

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Nabi Saleh remember Battle of Karameh & march in support of Druze anti-draft campaign.

Report and photos by Haim Schwarcenberg: 21 March 2014

This Friday’s demonstration was titled “Palestine is our mother and our freedom is our dignity” commemorating mother’s day, as well as the 46th anniversary of the Battle of Karameh, in which the Fateh resistance fighters defeated the IOF. Palestinians, accompanied by Israeli and international solidarity activists, marched from the centre of Ramallah-district village of Nabi Saleh is solidarity with the jailed Druze draft refuser, Omar Sa’ad. Protesters held banners and chanted slogans in support of the Druze anti-draft campaign and national unity in the face of occupation.

The IOF attempted to disperse the march with barrages of tear gas, rubber-coated steel bullets and stun grenades. A medic suffered injuries from rubber bullets to his chest and leg and required medical attention. A few other demonstrators, including minors, were also injured from rubber bullets while other suffocated from tear gas.

 haim - banners    haim - marchNabi Saleh residents carry Druze anti-draft campaign banners

haim - marching

haim - refuseniksIsraeli High School refuseniks

haim - iof firing

haim - iof

haim - sarit

haim - village teargashaim - anti-draft

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Nabi Saleh mark International Women’s Day and protest the killing of Mu’taz Washaha by IOF

Photos and Report by Haim Schwarczenberg: 7 March 2014

Honoring Mu’taz Washaha from Bir Zeit, an activist murdered by the IOF a week prior, Palestinians and solidarity activists marched from Martyrs’ Square at the centre of Nabi Saleh towards the main road. Marking also international women’s day, prominent female protesters also confronted the soldiers who attempted to brutally disperse the march. One woman was severely beaten and transferred to a Ramallah hospital. Several other protesters were injured from rubber-coated steel bullets.

Video by David Reeb


Haim - sister

haim - kids marching

haim - marching
haim - iof firing

haim - teargas and iof

haim - boshra

haim - iof  haim - marah

  haim  soldier and marah

haim - soldiers and girls

haim - injuredhaim - road

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Valentine’s Day protest in Nabi Saleh met with teargas and rubberbullets from IOF

Report and photos by Popular Struggle Coordination Committee: 14 February 2014

Video by David Reeb

Israeli forces have brutally suppressed today’s protest in Nabi Saleh as they fired large quantities of teargas leading to the suffocation of tens of protesters including children and women in the protest.

The protesters chanted for loving Palestine and against the Israeli brutal occupation and its refusal to any forms of justice and peace.

Israeli forces have also fired rubber coated bullets at the peaceful protesters and declared the area a closed military zone.

The protesters who wanted to reach the land threatened by confiscation were not allowed to reach the area and were met with teargas. Clashes between the youth and Israeli forces erupted and lasted for hours.

The protesters have also protested the blocking of the entrance to Nabi Saleh with a large metal gate set up by Israeli forces and the Israeli destruction of a tent set up by the villagers next to their land.

pscc - march

pscc valentine

teargas crowd - pscckkk

throwing back teargas - pscc  teargas settlement - pscc

teargas road - pscc  teargas - pscc

teargas - bassem and kids - pscc

slingshot teargas -pscc

slingshot pscc

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Nabi Saleh marches against Israel’s illegal settlements and occupation

Photos by Tamimi Press: 24 January 2014

tamimi press

marching -tp

iof - tp   teargas in ns -tp

teargas -tp

tower - tp

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Christmas in Nabi Saleh: IOF shoot Manal Tamimi and injure four others.

Photos by Tamimi Press: 27 December

crowd singing

crowd   kids and santa

kids and xmas

santa in nabi saleh\xmas in nabi saleh\iof in village skunk

manal carriedManal being carried after being shot at close range by Israeli Occupation Forces

manal injured

manal ambulanceManal being evacuated to hospital

stopping skunk

stop skunk truck   protestors skunk



santa and flag

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Nabi Saleh remembers Mustafa Tamimi and continues its protests against Israel’s occupation (20 Dec 2013)

Report and photos by Tamimi Press: 20 December 2013

The Israeli occupation forces attacked today the weekly anti settlement and occupation march in Nabi Saleh. The march launched from Martyrs Square in the center of the village went towards the house of the martyrs of popular resistance in the village, Rushdie and Mustafa Tamimi, to deliver at their parents commemorative plates in honor of their sacrifices. Then, the march went to the village’s lands threatened by the occupation forces that attacked the march with massive launch of tear gas canister and rubber bullets, causing dozens cases of asphyxia.

mustafa's parentsMustafa Tamimi’s parents


iof  teargas expl

teargas explosion

woman iof

women teargas

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Nabi Saleh says no to Israel’s Prawer Plan and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Bedouin (29 Nov)

Photos by Tamimi Press and Haim Schwarczenberg

Video by Israel Puterman  29 November 2013

banner prawer  march prawer

Haim girl rock

haim kids

haim slingshot


jeep  teargas in field


youth iof

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