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Nabi Saleh marches in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 10 May 2014

Photos by Tamimi Press

Today’s demonstration in Nabi Saleh marched in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners who are currently on hunger strike. Activists report that Israeli Occupation Forces fired teargas and rubber coated steel bullets, often directly at people, injuring many. Amongst those injured were a paramedic who was shot in the leg and Manal Tamimi who was hit in the leg and arm. Despite the many injuries, none of the injured required hospitalisation.




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Nabi Saleh marks International Worker’s Day (May Day); Israeli occupation forces injure 5 with rubber coated steel bullets

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity:  3 May 2014
Phtotographs by Tamimi Press



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In Photos: Israeli Occupation Forces deliberately target journalists in Nabi Saleh

Photo and report by Haim Schwarczenberg

Mu’ath Mash’al, a Palestinian journalist, sustained an injury from a rubber bullet aimed directly at him. He received emergency treatment in the field and was then taken to a Ramallah hospital.

An IOF commander instructs soldiers to aim and shoot directly at a group of journalists even though their flak vests clearly identified them as members of the press.


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Israeli Occupation Forces shoot Palestinian photo-journalist in leg with rubber bullets

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 25 April 2014

At today’s demonstration in Nabi Saleh, Israeli occupation forces have shot Palestinian photo-journalist Maath Musleh from few metres range with 9 steel coated rubber bullets. Israeli occupation forces had been blocking gate at the front of the village preventing the evacuation of Musleh. Activists reported that the IOF are firing stun grenades at the ambulance.  Maath has now been evacuated to hospital in Ramallah.

Photo: At today's demonstration in Nabi Saleh, Israeli occupation forces have shot Palestinian photo-journalist  Maath Musleh from few metres range with 9 steel coated rubber bullets. Israeli occupation forces had been blocking gate at the front of the village. However, Maath has now been evacuated to hospital in Ramallah. Photo by Manal Tamimi.
Photo by Manal Tamimi.

Photo: Israeli Occupation Forces are preventing the evacuation of Maath Musleh who was shot in the leg by the IOF at close range with 9 steel coated rubber bullets. Activists are reporting that the IOF are firing stun grenades at the ambulance. Photo by Manal Tamimi

Photo by Manal Tamimi

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Tamimi Press: Breaking the siege of Nabi Saleh

Tamimi Press: 15 April 2014

After a great popular demonstration with the support of our brothers and sisters – Palestinian, Israelis and Internationals – we succeded to re-open the gate at the entrance of the village and to end the siege of Nabi Saleh after three days of blockade. Also the West Gate of the village now is open after about 12 years. We had to physically fight and resist against the most arrogant army in the world. The IOF today beated us and shot bombs against us, as well as tear gas, rubber coated bullets and pepper spray. An excessive reaction considering that we were demonstrating in a non violent popular way. Murad Tamimi, taken during the protest, is still under detention.

Today, amongst our demands there was also the freedom of movement for all Palestinian and the end of the check point, walls and gate system that is dividing the West Bank and the Palestinians.

We demand the release of Murad Tamimi and of Mariam Barghouti – arrested in Nabi Saleh friday – immediatly.


protest tamim press


nabi saleh gate action



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Nabi Saleh successfully end three day siege of their village with peaceful protest

 By International Solidarity Movement, 15th April 2014

Yesterday, The Palestinian Popular Resistance Committee ofNabiSaleh called for a demonstration at 3pm against a siege enforced on their village by Israeli forces. The demonstration was an overwhelming success with the re-opening of the checkpoint and a withdrawal of the additional forces deployed in the area by the Israeli military.Photo by Tamimi Press
MohammedTamimi, the media officer for the village’s Popular Resistance declared that this was: “The first truly successful demonstration inNabi Saleh”. He went on to say that “others villages should think about this and how to act towards closed checkpoints in the future.” Palestinian activists, internationals, and ISM activists responded to the protest call out, and joined the villagers themselves.Internationals traveling to NabiSaleh reported the presence of many “flying” checkpoints on route from Ramallah. These were deployed in an attempt to prevent people from outside the village joining the protest.
Nonetheless the demonstration did take place and was well attended with approximately 50 people beginning to march from the middle of the village down to the checkpoint.The Israeli army began to shoot tear gas canisters and throw stun grenades as soon as the demonstrators reached the main road. Despite this, the demonstration arrived at the checkpoint and refused to move until the road was opened, and the siege lifted.While people were peacefully demonstrating in front of the barrier, the Israeli army used a large quantity of stun grenades, however after approximately one hour the army agreed to withdraw and open the checkpoint. In addition to this, the western checkpoint, which had been closed since 2002, was also re-opened adding to the already hugely successful day.

The siege itself began on April the 12th when a large number of Israeli forces closed all entrances to the village of NabiSaleh with roadblocks, and declared the village a Closed Military Zone. The village was in this state for three days until this afternoon’s action. During the siege, workers and students have been unable to go to work or school.

The Israeli army also employed brutal tactics against the villagers themselves over the last few days. One Palestinian man was shot in the face with live ammunition, though after surgery was described as being in a stable condition. Additionally, a Palestinian woman sustained various fractures and heavy bruising after being assaulted by soldiers whilst being detained with her child for three hours. Israeli forcesthrew stun grenades at cars attempting to approach the checkpoint throughout the siege.

It is believed the military began this illegal action due to the demonstrations at NabiSaleh that have occurred every Friday since 2009. These demonstrations take place to protest against the theft of a water spring, and village land by the nearby illegal settlement of Halamish.One Palestinian man was arrested during the demonstration today but after negotiations the village secured his release at 9.30 PM.

The Popular Resistance Committee from the village has promised that should the Israeli military close the checkpoint again, they will call another protest immediately. In the meantime demonstrations will continue every Friday.Photo by Tamimi Press

Photo from Tamimi Press

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Maan News: Israeli forces declare Nabi Saleh ‘military zone,’ injure 2 people

by Maan News: 12 April 2014

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces surrounded the central West Bank village of Nabi Saleh and declared it a “closed military zone” on Saturday, subsequently injuring two Palestinian civilians, a local group said.

The attack by Israeli forces comes a day after Israeli forces detained five — including two Palestinian women and three foreign journalists — and lightly injured a French journalist during a protest in the village, which has held weekly protests for four years against Israeli confiscation of village lands.

Israeli forces arrived “suddenly” on Saturday to close the village entrances and then targeted locals nearby, shooting a young man with a live bullet and injuring a 45-year-old woman after beating her, local popular resistance group “Intifada” said in a statement.

The woman was identified as Wijdan al-Tamimi, while the injured young man was not identified.

After declaring the area a “closed military zone,” Israeli forces shut the main streets of the village, closing an iron gate on the main road and placing boulders on other roads so as to prevent Palestinian traffic.

Additionally, they fired stun grenades into the village’s streets, damaging a number of cars, the group said.

The group said that the attack was part of an escalation in military violence against the village in recent months.

The village is the site of weekly protests against the Israeli occupation, with residents demanding that lands confiscated by Israeli forces to build a settlement be returned to them.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said that “as a result of a violent riot” on Saturday afternoon, “one of the two gates of Nabi Saleh was temporarily closed.”

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Israeli high school refuseniks (conscientious objectors) join demonstration in Nabi Saleh – 11 April

Photos and report by Haim Schwarczenberg: 11 April 2014

Palestinians, accompanied by Israeli and international activists gathered in Martyrs Square at the centre of Nabi Saleh, in order to mark the weekly Friday demonstration against the occupation and land annexation. Demonstrators marched down the street and into the nearby valley, reaching close to al-Qaws spring (expropriated by the settlement of Halamish) when they were attacked by tear gas and stun grenades, hurled by IOF soldiers attempting to disperse the march. No major injuries reported. However, two Palestinian female activists and three journalists were detained at the entrance to the village. While the journalists were eventually released, the Palestinian women were arrested and taken to police interrogation.

refuseniks - haim

Israeli high school refuseniks

rally start - haim

bilal -haim

sound grenade - haim

firing - haim   iof firing - haim


ns res and iof - haim     stand off - haim

attacking man - haim

teargas and flag - haim


injury - haim

naji boshra haim

women flags haim

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APRIL 4: demonstration in support of Palestinian political prisoners

by Nabi Saleh Solidarity: 4 April 2014

Popular protests in Nabi Saleh, Nilin and Bilin today have been replaced with the central march outside Ofer prison, in support of Palestinian political prisoners.

Activists reported that several hundred Palestinians from villages across the West Bank (including Nabi Saleh, Bilin and Nilin) have demonstrated out of Ofer Prison in support of Palestinian political prisoners. Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) have open fired with tear gas, rubber coated steal bullets and live ammunition. Reports of at least 5 protestors injured, including at least 2 women shot directly from two meters away. Muhamad Yassin from Bil’in has been shot twice – in the face and stomach – and is currently undergoing surgery.


ofer prison 4 aprPhoto by Active Stills

ofer prison  4 april teargasPhoto by Jihad Qade

ofer prison 4 april Photo by Quique Kierszenbaum

ofer prison 4 april protest

Photo: Muhammed Yassin from Bilin injured in face and stomach

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Brazilian activists join Friday demonstraton in Nabi Saleh to mark Land Day – 28 March 2014

Photos by Tamimi Press: 28 March 2014

Video by David Reeb

tamimi - field

tamimi - iof and protestors

tamimi - manal

tamimi - naji


tamimi - ahd
tamimi - ahd and flag

tamimi - soldier and ahd

tamimi -iof and girls

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